10 profitable businesses for 2014

10 profitable businesses for 2014

If one of your goals for this 2014 is to start your own business but do not know what business put a good starting point to find the suitable business, it is investigating what could be the most profitable this year.

The following is a list of 10 businesses that we consider to be the most profitable for this 2014, taking into account consumer trends as well as important changes or events that are expected this year.

Healthy food sale

A trend a few years ago, but they are expected to charge more strength in this 2014 is the preference for healthy food, which has reached such a point that simply take a food labeled “homemade” to have a good acceptance. It is also expected that this year is greater than the number of people who do not have time to eat at home or to prepare their own food and therefore decide to eat outside the home.

So a profitable business for this year is a healthy business selling food, which could range from a gourmet restaurant to a menu delivery business at home, and where not necessarily have to sell vegetarian food or diet, but simply low-fat food and condiments.

Sales of organic products

Another trend a few years ago, but they are also expected to charge more strength in this 2014 is the preference for organic products, which has reached the point it is sufficient that a product is labeled organic to have a good reception, even when they do not exactly concerned an organic product but one that encourages environmental stewardship.

So another proposal is a business selling organic products, which could range from electric cars and solar panels, to bags and shirts that do not necessarily have to be made of recyclable or natural material but simply through their designs or patterns promote environmental stewardship.

Beauty center

Another trend that began some years ago, but is also expected to charge more strength in this 2014 is the search for beauty, which will not only result in increased attendance at gyms, but also in making treatment more that allow one to improve your physical appearance.

So another good deal for this year is a beauty center that offers related services such as laser treatments, face cleaning, teeth whitening, among other services, and that characteristic could be devoted exclusively to men, who slowly they begin to leave behind prejudices and increasingly turn to these establishments.

Relaxation center

And the pursuit of beauty, another trend that charged more force in this 2014 search of relaxation, which will result in a greater search for moments of relaxation, greater experimentation methods or ways to achieve it, in a more practical disciplines such as yoga and meditation, and even search for a more spiritual life.

So another proposal is a relaxation center that offers related services such as massages, whirlpools and aromatherapy, where it is taught and practiced disciplines such as yoga and meditation, and that somehow is related to the search for life spiritual.

Sports jerseys store

With the advent of the World Cup in mid-2014 will be several business opportunities that will be presented, among which we highlight, besides television sales, the sale of sports jerseys.

So another profitable business this year is a store of sports jerseys, where the main products are effectively the sports jerseys of the countries participating in the world, but where could also sell related products such as boots, other products balls and sports accessories.

Video game store

With the advent of new video game consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), it is expected in this 2014 has a great demand for them, and their games that will come to market throughout the year.

So another proposal is a video game store, where in addition to selling video game consoles and their games could provide related services such as renting these services and repair consoles; Besides selling more products such as smartphones, tablets and technological accessories products, which also will be a high demand this year.

Developing applications for mobile devices

A trend that continues to grow, and in 2014 this is expected to grow even more, is the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as downloading and using applications for these devices, which will also increase considerably in number.

So another profitable business this year is a business application development for mobile devices, which could be devoted to the development of own applications (a trend are the health-related applications), or third-party application development, especially for companies, which will become more aware of the great impact these applications are having on consumers and, therefore, the need for their own applications.

Management of social networks

Despite the events that occurred during 2013 related to the loss of privacy on the Internet, in this 2014 it is still expected that the use of social networks continue to increase. Likewise also it expected to increase the number of companies realize the effectiveness with social when promoting a brand or product networks and therefore decide to take an active part in them.

So another proposal is a business that provides service management of social networks, which would exclusively dedicated to companies that want to take advantage of this great promotion tool, and that would include building services company pages or profiles, content publishing , interaction with fans, and promote the products or services of the company.

Creating video for company

A trend that has started recently and is expected to continue in 2014 this is the preference of Internet users for the videos before for items when consuming information. It is also expected to increase the number of companies aware of this trend and the effectiveness that also have videos when promoting a brand or product and therefore decide to publish their own videos.

So another big deal for this 2014 is one that provides the service of creating videos for companies, which would include the creation of video service enabling businesses to promote their brand or product and try where possible to become in viral, but also the creation of videos for internal, such as videos that enable companies to motivate their employees use.

Translation Agency

Finally, this 2014 a large number of trade agreements between Hispanic countries to countries where a different language is spoken will be conducted and, therefore, a greater number of trade relations between companies in these countries is expected, and thus increased demand for translation of documents that enable these companies do business.

So another profitable business for this 2014 is a translation agency, where it would be necessary to have a physical office and you could work from home via the Internet, and where he would not be necessary since it is able to translate You could hire translators who perform translations by one, which may be located in different parts of the world.

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