10 ideas profitable business


Here are 10 ideas that we consider profitable business, given the present moment in which we live and the trends that are occurring right now in the Spanish market.

There are 10 business ideas that we believe can give a good return for our money, but they also have the peculiarity that its implementation is available to any of us and, in most cases, do not require much investment:

1. Developing applications for smartphones or tablets

An increasing number of users of smartphones or tablets is higher, is increasing the number of downloaded applications for these devices, and increasing numbers of people who have come to make money with the development of these is greater.

This idea could involve the development of applications for third parties, for example, for companies seeking to have their own applications, even where there is a greater potential for profitability it is to develop innovative applications that come to have thousands of downloads.

At present the applications of use are more likely related to health, for example, those that allow us to control or make a diagnosis of our health, or through advice helps us to improve.

2. Health food restaurant

An increasing number of people looking to stay healthy and feel good, and growing awareness that one of the main ways to achieve this is by having a healthy diet is higher.

A health food restaurant not necessarily have to be a vegetarian or dietetic restaurant, but just might be one where tasty food is offered but low in fat and seasonings.

It could range from a gourmet restaurant located in a shopping area to a small restaurant in the garage of our house or business delivery home menu which has the slogan something like “healthy home-cooked meal.”

3. Fitness spa

As well as increasing the number of people looking to stay healthy and feel good, it is also increasing the number of people looking to have a sexy body and in good physical condition and physical beauty and moments of relaxation.

To mount a gym would need to have a large room, which upgraded with cardio and weight machines, equipment for spinning, cardiovascular equipment and everything needed to provide services such as spinning, aerobics, dance classes, etc.

While riding a spa also you would need to have a local, although you could put in your own home if you have adequate space, which habilitations with everything necessary to provide treatments body and facial beauty, massage sessions and other relaxation therapies.

4. Virtual Shop shirts

An increasing number of users and purchases made on the Internet, and is increasing the demand for shirts (also known as t-shirts, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts or poles) in this medium due to the low risk of dissatisfaction presenting his purchase.

If you do not have the knowledge needed to design a virtual t-shirt shop, you could hire a professional web designer for the design, while for the production of shirts you could also hire a third party to the confeccionen and put them prints.

Some keys to success in this business would have an attractive online store that has a quick and easy navigation and inspire confidence in users and offer attractive poles that have a unique style that sets them apart from others.

5. Manufacture and sale of biodegradable bags

A growing interest in environmental protection is higher, and in this interest, a problem of increasing concern is the plastic bags, which pollute the environment due to the non-degradable nature of the plastic and the high number they occur.

For the manufacture of biodegradable bags would need to have special equipment and a workshop in which to work, but if you do not have the investment needed for this, you could start sending them to a third party to manufacture.

While for the promotion and sale of the same, you could start by going where potential clients such as supermarkets, shops and bazaars, and talk about the benefits that would have to deliver the products to customers in biodegradable bags.

6. Caterer

People increasingly have less time to cook, and when it comes to events such as marriages, teenagers, anniversaries and christenings, increasingly opt more for hiring someone to provide them food and drinks necessary for these.

Unlike a restaurant, to mount a caterer is not necessary that you have a local where cater directly to the public, it is sufficient to count on a kitchen at home where you can prepare with comfort food and drinks.

Over time, in addition to catering, you could offer other complementary services such as the decoration of the premises where the event would take place, the setting of tables and chairs, linens and cutlery, and the waiter service and housekeeping staff.

7. Shop baby items

There are many specialty shops for men, women or children, but few who decide to take advantage of the high demand for baby items there by parents, especially first, when they receive a new member in the family.

In a baby supply store you could sell different products ranging from cribs, cars and chairs to eat, to bottles, pacifiers and rattles up monitoring equipment and devices that detect the reason why a baby cries.

To promote your store you could contact other companies focused on babies such as clinics and schools for new parents, and offer to give talks to its customers in exchange to promote your shop, or simply offer leave your brochures in return they also leave you theirs.

8. Shop technological products

The life cycle of technology products is getting shorter, and consumers increasingly faster dispose of their products to go to the store in search of the new model that has come on the market.

In a store of technology products you could sell different products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and technological accessories, and offer additional services such as repair and rental devices.

Also, your shop could be a virtual store, which would give you the advantage of not having to invest a lot of money as it would be necessary that you have a physical location or you have in stock all the products that you offer.

9. Rental artificial turf pitch

More and more people after work or their studies choose to rent artificial turf to play their matches in amateur football, which, unlike natural grass courts do not require much maintenance.

To start a business of rental artificial turf pitch would need to have a field where you can enable the court and everything needed to provide rental services such as floodlights, dressing rooms and toilets for customers.

Over time, in addition to the rental service, you could offer other complementary services such as soccer classes, cafeteria and gym, and even organize football tournaments or enable new spaces for the practice of other sports.

10. Manufacture and sale of jeans for ladies

Jeans are a garment for mass use and high turnover, especially women, who before settling in the jean brand that has the time to buy one, tend to look at the quality of the fabric, model and how good it can get them.

For the preparation of the jeans is not necessary that you have own workshop, but you could just hire others to take care of making them, and wash them and put the embroidery or accessories.

As for selling them, you could contact intermediaries such as shops, bazaars and galleries, and offer to leave them so they take care of selling them to the final consumer, and charge for cash or, if it makes you hard to get customers, or credit allocation.

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