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Today there is a trend in the use of products and services for pets. An increasing spending by individuals on products and services that not only allow them to meet the basic needs of their pets such as food and fun, but also to enable give them and treat almost like kings or queens is higher.

This trend has accommodated many different opportunities that are already leveraging by businesses ranging from accessory shops and veterinary phones to beauty salons and hotels for pets, and if you’re looking for business ideas and love pets should not let pass.

Here are 10 business ideas about pets:

Pet daycare

When people who have pets are traveling or for some reason have to be away from home for a few days, a problem that often face is that they have nowhere to leave the care of those in charge.

In your pet daycare, which could be located in your own home if that has adequate space, you could start only offering childcare and, later, when I grow your business, offer additional services such as bath, haircut and nail trimming, and even turn your nursery in a pet hotel where they are provided to these all the amenities necessary for them to have a pleasant stay.

Pet Spa

There are many people who like to pamper their pets and because of that are willing to spend large sums of money on treatments that allow them to look good aesthetically and feel relaxed.

In your pet spa, which also could ride in your own home if you have adequate space, you could offer different services such swimwear, cleaning ears, haircut, nail trimming, massage and even hot tubs.

To attract customers you could start offering your services to family, friends and acquaintances and, later, when I grow your clientele, offer your services to all audiences through a website, a Facebook page, brochures and flyers.

Shop accessories for pets

Today there is a tendency for people to buy their pets all sorts of accessories that allow them to live comfortably, be safer, or simply look more adorable.

In your store pet accessories, which could be a virtual shop on the Internet (which would allow you to save local and goods and would need not physically have all the products you sell but that could go shopping as you go by orders), you could sell from beds, leashes and collars to sunglasses, automatic food dispensers and electronic devices that know the location of a pet.

Production and sale of pet food

People who love their pets are always giving them to try new types of food that can make your health better or they can simply be to your liking.

For the production of the food you could buy some machines that allow you to do it in your own home, while the sale of the same could contact intermediary businesses such as pet stores and veterinarians who agree to sell your product to the public in exchange for a commission.

To compete with the big brands you could offer a distinction that could be in the type of food (gourmet food) or the benefit offered (for example, improve the texture of the coat).

Making and selling pet clothing

In addition to them to try new types of food that can do good or to like, pet lovers are always testing them new outfits that make them well wrap see more adorable.

For the preparation of clothing you would need to mount a small sewing shop that might be located in your own home, but could start sending clothes to make external workshops; while sales for the same you could do it through a website or a Facebook page or intermediaries also contact businesses such as pet stores and veterinary accept buy your product and then sell them to the public.

Pet cemetery

When a pet dies some owners bury his remains in the garden of their homes, others are buried in a nearby field, and others unfortunately thrown away in the trash; but most often it found in the situation of not knowing what to do with these.

For your pet cemetery would need a large land located around your city, which habitability with tombstones and green areas that allow customers to bury their pets and then visit them in a quiet environment.

Also, besides the burial service you could offer other related services such as cremation, the pickup of the remains in the customer’s home, and the creation of albums to remember.

Exotic pet store

Either by a desire to be different from others or simply a matter of taste, there are many people that instead of having a common pet as it could be a dog or a cat, choose to have an exotic pet.

In your exotic pet store, and sells pets such as snakes, iguanas, turtles and macaws, you could sell to these such as cages, toys and food, as well as provide the veterinary service (for which, unless you what you are, you should hire a veterinary specialists in this type of pet), which is usually a service that exotic pet owners do not usually find so easily.

Social network for pets

Many people who create them to their pets a page or a profile on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and would not hesitate to crearles in a new social network exclusively for pets if they see good quality.

In your social network for pets, besides enabling people you crearles their pets a page or a profile where they can upload and share information, photos and videos of these, you could also enable them to meet other people who have pets of the same species than his own, organize events such as contests or walks between pets and to promote pet adoption and pet adoption search.

Dog Training

Due to the popularity of this service, more and more people choose to hire the services of a trainer or dog trainer when their dogs begin to have serious behavior problems.

In your business training dogs, you train future or educate dogs to obey their owners, to control their aggression, so they are not barking all day, or just to perform some tricks.

Also, in addition to training service you could generate additional income by writing a book or a manual on how to train or train dogs, which could offer it to your customers or sell as an ebook on the Internet.

Dog walking

More and more people aware of the need to take out walking their dogs so they can release pent-up energy and thus control their anxiety, but do not have the time to perform this task.

Unlike the previous idea to start a dog walking business, you would need to have no expertise in the subject, but suffice you love dogs and have the patience to take them. To promote your business you could hand out flyers in the area where you are and create a web page or a Facebook page where besides information, post pictures and videos of it.

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