How to provide good customer service

How to provide good customer service

Today, due to the large number of competitors willing to do everything possible to make their choice, consumers are very demanding when it comes to customer service.

They just buy it to treat them with kindness or show them the value, even if your product is of lower quality than the competition, and refrain from buying from those who deal with rudeness or indifference, or stop to buy going to the competition even if they have been customers for years.

Many entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of providing good customer service, but nevertheless not implemented, either through neglect or simply because they do not know how, and if the latter is the case, we present below some guidelines to help you provide good customer service:

Be nice

The first thing we can and must do to provide good customer service is to be friendly, courteous and friendly at all times and under all circumstances with each and every one of our customers.

Greet the client just enter your local business, preferably with a smile and in case of a frequent customer by name; then ask how you can help and with courtesy and cordiality Take care of it at all times maintain eye contact and proper intonation; and once you’ve attended ask if you can help in something else or give thanks for your purchase or visit, and say goodbye with a farewell.

Displays attitude

One of the things that consumers value most is the attitude. Even if we commit an error, a customer will get angry less and even forgive and forget if you see that we have endeavored to remedy it.

Make him see the client that you are to serve and you’re interested in your satisfaction rather than sell, but showing a genuine interest and not a forced or artificial because the customer always aware of it and when it happens only lead to bother or uncomfortable ; and show yourself at all attentive, solicitous and interested in helping you find the product you are looking for or solve any problems you may have time.

Serves quickly

With consumers increasingly have less time, it is useless to serve them with kindness and attitude if we wait too long to address them, give them a product or providing a service.

Just the customer entering the premises of your business approach him to serve you (if you are busy at that time, approach the same and tell him you will attend at a time) and then attends their inquiries, complaints or claims, take orders and give him his Give her your product or service with more quickly as you can.

Resolves complaints or claims

A complaint or grievance poorly resolved, besides being a customer less today with the popularity of social networks, if it be posted in these, can reach mean bankruptcy.

Attends and meets with kindness, attitude and speed Every complaint that a customer; For example, if you claim one of the dishes of your restaurant, ask the apology of the case even if you do not agree with him, tell him you speak immediately with the chef to know what happened, and take advantage of the situation to gain their loyalty not by charging the plate and also giving another as compensation for the inconvenience it may have had.

Provides personalized

Something that customers appreciate a lot, because it makes them feel unique and special, besides being able to be served more quickly is that are afforded personalized service.

Make sure that the same worker attends to the customer throughout the buying process and so this does not have to be being sent to several workers, and always as you can Give her customer care that takes into account their needs, tastes and preferences; For example, if you know that whenever you visit your hotel asks for a bottle of mineral water, the next time you visit, before asking for the bottle, I Leave it in her room with a note saying: “I wish you a happy stay” .

It offers a friendly atmosphere

A pleasant atmosphere makes guests feel at ease and so there are more likely to decide to buy us or stay longer with us.

Make sure that your local business expect a decoration according to the style of the latter, a harmonious arrangement of the elements, adequate lighting, ventilation, pleasant music and, above all, friendly workers who treat the customer at all moment with kindness, courtesy and cordiality.

It offers comfort

A customer who feels comfortable is also a client that feels like home and so most likely you decide to buy us or stay longer with us.

Make sure that your local business count with spaces large enough for the customer to feel comfortable, comfortable chairs and couches, large tables, vehicle parking, a place to store your belongings and, above all, helpful workers who are outstanding at all times that has every possible amenity.

It provides security

Security measures not only serve to be used in case an emergency happens, but also for the customer is aware of these and thus feel secure at all times.

Make sure that your local business has all the possible security measures such as, for example, marked safety areas, escape routes marked, medical kits, fire extinguishers and, above all, security personnel trained in sufficient numbers.

It provides hygiene

The local health worker or a business is one of the factors that most consumers take into account when evaluating the customer service provided.

Make sure your local business complies with all established hygienic standards; for example, that bathrooms are neat, do not have papers on the floor, the walls are clean and, above all, workers are well groomed, with the uniform or the immaculate dress, with short nails and, if the case, with her hair pulled.

Be flexible

Be flexible to the requirements or customer orders not only prevents this but we do not buy that winds up where other would be what you want or want.

Always be willing to accept any customer requirement, but giving a “yes” to sound convincing showing no hint of doubt (if you ask for something that you have, you might say something such as, “for now not but soon we we will get “), and to make concessions despite rules or policies that your company may have; for example, when the client asks you to alter the menu of your restaurant or paying with a foreign currency.

Be sincere

A primary for a customer decides to buy someone requirement is trust, so if you see that we are not honest with him at some point, it just will not buy it or not do it again.

Always be honest with the customer about your product or service; for example, never say that your product has features that do not actually own, and never promise something you know that can not be fulfilled; for example, you never promise you deliver a product at a certain date if you know it will not be possible.

Keep your promises

A customer will always have a wrong concept of someone who was not honest with him, but for him there is nothing worse than someone who does not fulfilled a promise he made.

If you’ve promised the customer a product with specific features, make sure you have them deliver it when and if you’ve promised to deliver a product at a certain date, be sure to comply with the agreed time.

If for some reason suddenly know that it will not be possible, call immediately and be honest with him, ask the appropriate apologies and explain the reason for the delay, and if possible advantage of the situation to gain their loyalty by offering compensation (a discount) for the inconvenience it may have had.

Never pressures

Pressuring a client is a grave mistake that will probably make you finish buying us, but surely will never do it again.

You may suggest the customer a product or service when displayed or doubtfully when you know of any that could be of interest (a complementary product to you just bought), but never for any reason the pressure to buy you.

Never rush

Rushing customer is another mistake that will probably end up doing what we want, but it will also make never again buy us or visit us.

Listen carefully to the customer and never interrupt or cuts when you are expressing a grievance, never give your account if no service has asked you (if you have already closed your local communicable kindly), and never know for how long you plan to stay.

Never argue

Press or worse than rush to a customer is to discuss with him, and that by doing so the customer not only will never buy us or visit us, but we also speak ill of other consumers.

Before an opinion, objection, complaint or claim by the client, never put you to discuss or argue with him. Stay calm at all times and show yourself calm, open and friendly dialogue above circumstances and may in some cases respond politely to respect their position, but do not share it.

It offers additional services

Offering additional services allows the customer to better enjoy the product or service purchased, and so there are more likely to decide to go back and buy us or visit us.

It is offering additional services to the main product or service you offer; for example, the service delivery of the product delivery, the product installation, training on the use of the product, the support, the returns for defective products, including after-sales services .

Tips for providing good customer service

To end this article, we present here are some tips to help you more effectively apply the guidelines that we have seen:

It provides a good service to all your customers

It provides a good service or attention to each and every one of your customers. Treat all your customers equally without prejudice to any of them because there are no small clients. A customer who at first may seem small, it could end up becoming your main customer.

Hire appropriate staff

When you hire staff for your business always keep in mind the importance of good customer service and make sure you hire only one who has the necessary to provide it (for example, having a vocation of service), even when no competitions will have regular contact customer.

Empower your staff on good customer service

Constantly training to your staff on good customer service. For this I matriculate in a course, hire a trainer specialist in the subject, or simply give regular chats where you can remember the importance of good customer service and how to provide it.

Be kind and motivate your staff

So you can provide good customer service you must not only train your staff on the issue, but treat it well (workers often treat customers as the boss or the company treats) and motivate (motivated workers spread their motivation and enthusiasm to customers).

Keep your staff informed

Finally, make sure your staff is always knowledgeable about your product and all aspects related to this, and so be able to answer all questions asked by the customer, and not have to be at the last minute when not know certain information.

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