Errors define your workplace

Errors define your workplace

The work space affects not only the image of a business, but the productivity and motivation of the people who work there. If you rent an office or use a personal or borrowed space, how to avoid mistakes?

Every entrepreneur needs a place to produce, think about the business, make decisions, like suppliers or customers, archive documentation, and other tasks of daily activity. In selecting this space often committed errors that can harm or even jeopardize the business.

Some mistakes you should avoid, small and simple to be your workplace:

Error # 1: Improvising. Instead of letting the space conditions the way it works, you have to choose a space that is functional to the business. Some key to plan it in advance questions are: How many people work at the site?

Is it necessary or desirable for all business tasks are performed there? Customers will be received? Merchandise is displayed? Is it better to create a calm or need to be in a central artery, close to customers or suppliers place? Taking the time to figure out the details of how the business will develop, allow you to make a better choice.

Error # 2: Do not sign the lease. Unless you work from home, you need to sign a lease to protect the interests of the business. Even in the case of ownership of a family member or acquaintance, it should be formalized in writing and within the conditions of use. The commercial lease contract also is a must for insurance to protect the goods, the equipment and the space element.

Error # 3: Use spaces not enabled. Although the space chosen is not a formal office, he must be “professional grade” to make from there a business. Otherwise, residents can make complaints and force closure. Specific ratings should also be considered when it is more than just an office (gastronomy, factories, customer service, etc.).

Error # 4: Neglecting the location. Some entrepreneurs choose as close to their homes or that they offer them to boot. Depending on the activity, being close to customers, suppliers or both can be a key success factor that should not be ignored.

Mistake # 5: Do not contemplate services and furniture. Facilities must have necessary facilities like toilets and access to elderly or disabled people, and according to the type of business, also a place to eat, a waiting room or another feature. As for the equipment, it is not a minor issue in the budget. Sometimes offices are rented furnished, which can be cheaper and faster.

Error # 6: Rent what priceless. Especially when the business is in its initial stage, it should be prudent in the budget for the office rent. Entrepreneurship must prove that it can generate enough revenue to cover fixed costs, and only then can step up. Failure to meet the owner and makes the business start with the wrong foot.

Error # 7: Neglecting the image. Should the workplace people receive or service is provided, it is important to think about the expectations of those who visit the place. The attributes of the service offered should be reflected in space and equipment. For example, a law firm must have a neat appearance and contemplate a private office where confidentiality is guaranteed.

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