Key to join the first employee

Key to join the first employee

Many enterprises pluck only the work of its members, owners or founders. When hiring the first employee involves a new phase of growth and delegation, which requires some planning.

For a business that starts, the first employee is a huge proportion of its human resources. It is out of the labor of the entrepreneur or founding team, motivated by their own business, to spend to hire paid staff, whose commitment is otherwise.

While it is possible-and desirable that an employee share the philosophy, goals and passion for business, work is required to achieve this. Some keys to consider when incorporating your first employee:

Define the required profile. Conduct a brief description of the skills, personal characteristics and tasks to be fulfilled will help in the search. Your choices: look for a generalist who can cover many functions or hire a specialist in some area, if possible complementary to yours.

However, it is essential in a venture that the person be proactive and willing to work alone or in a small team, where everyone has responsibility.

Think in the medium term. Labor relations are built over time. Not enough to meet an immediate need, but to think about the role of the new member of the team in perspective. What adds value to the business? How you can grow new employee if the company does well? What are their chances of development?

Understanding the obligations and costs of recruitment. Paying salaries, social charges and to leave entitlement is only the beginning of work obligations. Talk to an accountant to be clear about the particular form of recruitment and how it works.

Not keep the first candidate. Simple as the task or small business, follow an evaluation process with several candidates ensures you a better selection. Scan resumes, interviews and Compare tene options. Think not only about who can do the job, but who are you going to feel good in your own enterprise.

Learn to delegate. In joining a new team member, the entrepreneur must delegate tasks and decisions, that is, to define the new employee the scope of their role in the company and what is expected of him. You should then be able to set targets, monitor tasks and course corrections when needed without neglecting motivation.

If you have no experience in charge of other people, you have to find your form of address for the result to be the best for you, for your employee and your business.

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