The essentials for a home office

The essentials for a home office

Needs to set up a small office or home office are virtually the same as for installing any office. To operate efficiently, you need at least one of the items used in any corporate office. Buy for your office has some advantages. As yourself you control the budget, you can buy the tools and equipment at a discount and spend only on essentials.


The computer is essential to your office. Be it a laptop or desktop, any office can function without a computer. It must be equipped with a reliable operating system and a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications.

It is also necessary to have a connection to high speed internet as a digital subscriber line (DSL, as its acronym in English), cable or satellite.

Multi-function accessories: printer, copier, scanner and fax The color printer, copier and scanner are essential equipment for an office. Space does not necessarily have to be limited, nor the budget must be adjusted to justify buying a printer that meets the four functions.

These devices are so cheap that if one of the parties fails, it is cheaper to buy a new one to return it for repair. The scanners are rapidly displacing fax machines; however, if the need arises to send a fax, you can do it.

Desk, chair and footrest

A desk with a drawer and file drawers lap is another essential element a home office. The desk should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the computer, the multi-function device and the phone. Lap drawer works wonders to keep small items close at hand and reduce clutter on the desk. Choose an ergonomic chair and a footrest to reduce strain on your back resulting from prolonged sitting.


Use a landline, a protocol for voice over internet (VoIP, according to its acronym in English) or wireless phones. Your office can not exist without it. Your contacts and potential business contacts should have a way to find verbally.

Current stabilizer

Make sure your equipment will continue to operate no matter what protecting a power stabilizer. All equipment, including phone if connected to a ground wire must be plugged into the stabilizer. A team suffered a voltage overload must be replaced and meanwhile your business is harmed.

Backup System

You can buy a system backup or rent online storage space. This last option is the safest. Your business records are protected no matter what happens in your home, such as fire, theft or storm.

File cabinets

If you need a place to store supplies, buy a file cabinet. Most of the files in a home office are stored in the computer and backups are performed by some other method (CDs or other media) that then printed if necessary.

A small office supplies

At first glance, the following elements may seem secondary, but any office can function without them: tape dispenser, stapler and staples, pens, pencils, sticky notes, printing paper, toner for the printer, staple remover, calendar, paper clips, binder clips small, file folders, envelopes of various sizes, scissors, ruler, mailing labels, paper shredder, drilling and rule.

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