What is customer service and what is its significance

What is customer service and what is its significance

As the competition is growing and the products offered in the market are increasingly varied, consumers are becoming more demanding. They now not only looking for quality and good prices, but also a good customer service.

Customer service is the service or care that a company or business offers its clients when addressing your inquiries, requests or complaints, we sell a product or deliver it.

To better understand the concept then see the factors involved in customer service:

Kindness: Kindness refers to friendly, courteous and helpful treatment. It occurs, for example, when workers greet customers with a sincere smile, when they know that they are to serve, when you feel like you are genuinely interested in satisfying it rather than sell, etc.

Personal attention: the personal attention is the direct or personal care that takes into account the needs, tastes and preferences of the customer. It occurs, for example, when a single worker serving a customer throughout the buying process, when given the customer a product specially tailored to your needs, tastes and preferences, etc.

Fast attention: the speed of attention is the speed with which you take customer orders, you deliver your product, or you address their questions or complaints. It occurs, for example, when it has simple and efficient processes, when it has a sufficient number of personnel when you are trained staff to provide prompt attention, etc.

Friendly atmosphere A friendly atmosphere is a friendly atmosphere where the customer feels at ease. It occurs, for example, when workers give clients a kind and friendly treatment when local business has a good decoration, adequate lighting, nice music, etc.

Comfort: comfort refers to the convenience that is offered to the customer when visiting the local. It occurs, for example, when the venue has space large enough for the customer to feel at ease, comfortable chairs or sofas, large tables, vehicle parking, a place where it can stored their belongings, etc.

Security: security refers to security that exists in the local and therefore is given to the customer at the time of visit. It occurs, for example, when it has enough security personnel when they are clearly marked safety zones when they are clearly marked escape routes when it has medical kits, etc.

Hygiene: hygiene refers to cleaning or grooming that is in the room or workers. It occurs, for example, when the local baths are always clean when no papers on the floor, when workers are well groomed, with impeccable uniform or dress and nails trimmed, etc.

A company or business provides good customer service when has worked on several of these factors; for example, when you treat your customers with kindness, it gives them a personalized treatment, quickly served, offers a pleasant atmosphere, and makes them feel comfortable and safe.

The importance of customer service

When a customer finds the product he wanted, and also receives a good customer service, and satisfied that satisfaction does come back and buy us again, and most likely recommend us to other consumers.

But on the other hand, if a customer has not found or the product you looking for, you receive poor care, not only fail to visit, but most likely also speak ill of us and will have a negative experience he had an average of between 9-20 people depending on their degree of indignation.

If we add the fact that competition is increasing and the products offered in the market is increasingly equated in quality and price, it can be said that today it is essential to provide good customer service if you want remain competitive in the market.

We must avoid that the customer is treated poorly, and so hesitate to visit or you can come to speak ill of us, but rather to ensure that you receive a good customer service, and achieve their loyalty, have good chances to recommend us other consumers, and to emphasize to differentiate or other competitors.

Good customer service should be present in all aspects of the business where there is some interaction with the customer, from the greeting of the security personnel at the gate of the place, to the call answered by the secretary. For this it is necessary to train and permanently motivate staff to provide good customer service, not only to those workers who have frequent contact with the client, but to all those who at some point may come to have it, from the manager cleaning up the general manager.

Also, good customer service should not only occur during the sale process, but once this has been finalized.

After-sales service

The after sales service is a type of customer service that is provided once the sale has been finalized.

After-sales services include:

Promotional: they are those related to sales promotion. They are given, for example, when you offer deals or discounts to frequent customers, or when they are made to participate in contests or sweepstakes.

Psychological: those who are linked to the client’s motivation. They are given, for example, when you send gifts, letters or greeting cards for her birthday, or when called to ask how he’s doing with the product.

Security: they are providing protection for the purchase. They are given, for example, when the customer is given guarantees for their purchase, or when it has a return policy for defective products.

Maintenance: they are those involving a maintenance or support. They are given, for example, when the product installation service is provided, or when service training on the use of the same is provided.

Provide good after-sales service not only allows us to get the benefits provided to provide good customer service, such as the possibility that customers visit us again or recommend us to other consumers, but also gives us the ability to keep in touch and extend the relationship with the customer and thus, for example, get their feedback and let you know of our new products or promotions that may be of interest.

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