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The Top Three Design Elements You should Always Keep in Mind when Designing a Roller Banner

Some people may think that designing a roller or roll up banner is not such a difficult task, but if you’ve tried designing one yourself, you know very well that this is not so. Perhaps it’s easy if you don’t take it seriously – if you just settle for the first colour or font you can find and don’t mind the text so much. But if you are serious about creating a good roller banner, then you need to take some important design aspects into consideration.

The top three design elements for creating the perfect banner:

  1. The placement of the logo

If you want your banner to be effective, you need to pay attention to some specific aspects of it, beginning with the logo. Whatever type of company you have, you are sure to have a logo, right? So when you are designing your banner, you need to make sure that your company’s logo has a conspicuous place – and the place for it is right at the top.

The logo should be placed at the top of the banner, especially if you want your company and brand to be instantly recognised by your audience. And, to make your banner more effective, whatever main message you have should be placed at eye level. This way, it is easy to read and can be easily understood. Even if your message is simply reminding everyone of a sale or promotion, telling customers about a new product, or showcasing a new photo or image, you need to have it at eye level so its impact will be greater.

  1. The writing on the wall

When you are in the process of designing your roller or roll up banner, remember this cardinal rule: customers will likely be reading your banner from left to right and from the top to the bottom, so you should make sure that whatever information you have is placed in this particular way. The higher the main message is placed, the easier it will be remembered. Additionally, you should keep your banner simple – try not to put too much information on it, as this will just confuse the reader – or worse, make them lose interest. The information you want to impart can always be placed in a brochure or leaflet, and your representatives or sales staff can answer all the customers’ questions as well.

  1. The relevance of the right images

Images are important, especially when it comes to roller banners. But when you are placing images on your roll up banner, make sure they are of excellent quality and not blurred or grainy. If you are looking for the right image, you can always ask the printing service (such as for advice; they may even be able to provide you with just the images you are looking for.


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