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How to Ensure That Your Marketing Emails Are Not Considered To Be Spam

The key to a successful marketing campaign is getting your emails delivered to the recipient. Many email marketing campaigns get derailed because they never get to the recipient due to a number of factors. Being marked as spam by the email service providers and the internet service providers can spoil your email marketing efforts.

These intermediary service providers have a mandate to protect their customers from mail they do not want, phishing, and other scams that have assumed serious dimensions. Consequently, these service providers employ a combination of filtering technologies and internal algorithms to segregate mail that they do not perceive as having any value or are likely to put their customers at risk. To the individual customer, spam may be perceived as an irritant but to the service providers it a constant battle of wits against spammers that requires them to use a lot of technology and intelligence.

Developing a Good Reputation

Even though marketing emails are very important to all marketers and may be to even some customers, in the overall context these emails rank much lower compared to the ranking of other transactional emails and personal correspondence. Therefore, for the service providers to consider your emails as good, you need to develop a sending reputation that is positive. Some tips on getting there:

Use IP Addresses That Are Dedicated

Email service providers catering to the enterprise market ensure that they provide their customers IP addresses that are dedicated. This is because enterprise customers are very sensitive about their reputations, and they do not want them to be negatively affected by the actions of other companies. All the reputed bulk email marketing services in Mumbai will ensure that the email marketing campaign is executed using customer-specific IP addresses.

Validate Mailing Sub-Domains

This is a purely technical exercise where entries in the DNS are done in the sender policy framework and other routing information such as domain keys identified mail. When these steps to authenticate emails are done, the emails will pass the ISP-level technical checks. In case an email fails a technical validation, it is likely that it will be blocked from reaching the inbox of the recipient.

Warming Sending Domain Names and IP Addresses That Are New

When a new IP address is used it is important to establish a sending reputation for it that is positive. This can be done by sending emails to those customers first who have recently opened any emails sent by you. Additionally, you can segment the ISP sending volume to enable you to demonstrate volume consistency or even achieve certain predefined thresholds.

Do Not Send Future Mail to Those Who Have Complained About Spam

It is very important for an email marketer to have a sending reputation that is as clean as possible. It is thus vital for you to immediately stop sending emails to people who have marked your email as spam. When emails are marked as spam, the ISP notifies the sender about the complaint. The number of complaints needs to be kept to the minimum to maintain a reputation that is spotless to the extent possible. Also, make sure you remove customers who do not engage with you for a long time from your mailing list.

Level of Engagement an Important Prospect Descriptor

Marketers usually define customers as prospects if the profile fits the one that has been determined by them or revealed by the analytics. However, email marketing departs from this model inasmuch email marketers need to factor in the level of engagement too. A useful indicator regarding the decision to send marketing emails to a particular recipient or not is his engagement history with the marketer in the email channel. This is important to establish because even if the customer is otherwise qualified and has the right profile but does not engage through the email channel, it is essential to remove him from the email list as that particular address has the potential to have a negative impact on other emails being sent from your IP address.


Email marketers who are new to the game may think that much of the above is an overreaction. However, like every industry, even email marketing has certain unwritten rules that are derived from practices that have proved effective in countering negative action. As a marketer, you need to quickly figure out what your audience wants from you and how you can successfully circumvent the restrictions imposed that may prevent you from reaching out to customers effectively.

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