X Marks the Spot | Finding a market that will treasure your business

Imagine if someone gave you a secret weapon for your business – one so powerful that it could multiply your market share, not by tenfold but by a thousandfold or more.  By now you will have surmised where I am heading with this and perhaps you have said “ho, hum, I’ve heard it all before” and so you may have, but millions of businesses are still not taking full advantage of this secret weapon, don’t make yours one of them.  The power and reach of online marketing is phenomenal.

Consider this, 57% of online consumers responding to a survey regarding their online shopping habits, say that they are influenced by online comments and reviews.  Since 70 – 80% of people research a company before deciding whether to visit their website, it can pay off big-time to turn these statistics into a positive boon for your company rather than a complete turn-off.

Let’s look at some modalities that can be utilised to target your specific market to avoid using a haphazard approach and to enable you to focus your advertising budget where your dollars can provide the most impact.

The Gift of Global Presence

If you are limiting yourself to your suburb, town, city or even country then you are limiting your selling power.  It can be as simple as procuring the services of virtual offices to turn your local business into a global concern allowing you to pinpoint potential markets across the globe.  Instead of boasting an office in a single city, you can boast offices worldwide – it is all about perception.  To investigate the myriad of services a remote office can provide, this is the perfect place to begin

Email Marketing – Boon or Bane?

If you are anything like me you are constantly being bombarded with advertising in your Inbox.  Every month I go through and cull the annoying array of products from Outlook.  However, not every company finds its way to my Trash folder and that, my friends, is where the golden ticket for you business is to be found.

Consider this – as an advertising tool, email marketing is said to be 40 times more effective than social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook!  The trick is to identify your target market and then use strategies to maintain a client relationship.  Let’s look at an example using a real estate company.  There would be, at any one time, 6 or 7 glossy real estate advertising brochures lodged at the bottom of my mail box feeding my snails.  I can only hazard a guess as to the cost of this ‘shotgun’ approach to marketing to anyone in possession of a letterbox.  So how could this methodology be streamlined to create a much more efficient business practice?

When people visit Open Houses they usually have at least a passing interest in purchasing.  A percentage of these buyers will also be in the market to sell – Bingo!  A smart agent will ascertain where these consumers live and send them targeted and customised emails not only informing them of new houses in their desired location but also outlining the Agent’s selling record and services thereby getting the proverbial foot in the door.  It is all about identifying potential clients and then making best use of that information.

Another type of email I tend to retain are those that contain words such as Flash Sale or 50% off in their subject lines from companies I can trust to have genuine savings contained within.  Return business is invaluable in this instance and once you have established a good client relationship and the client has invested by setting up an account with you, the sky’s the limit.

Customise Your Content

Now that the internet has overtaken TV as the largest advertising medium, reaching a vast audience is now within the capabilities of anyone.  Consider Mummy blogs and the like if you are looking to sell family goods and services or DIY and home renovation sites for tools and equipment.  Global sites such as Ebay can be brilliant for this type of exposure and can be a useful asset in leading people to your website.

Whatever portals you select to locate your client base, once you have secured their custom all you need to do is to provide a quality product or service and encourage or reward clients for their reviews, testimonials and return business.  It is that just that easy to build up a loyal clientele.  So X Marks the spot – roll up your sleeves and start digging for those treasured customers!

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