Five Tips on How Marketers Can Increase Their Brand Presence on Instagram

With more than500 million active users every month there’s no arguing about the power ofInstagramas a marketing platform. Instagram marketing can only be improved with the steady growth of followers so that products and services can be advertised to a larger audience. Some useful tips on increasing the number of your followers and your brand:

Leverage the Instagram tools available for free

Just like the concept of business profiles on Facebook, Instagram has launched its very own business profile so that marketers can take advantage of them to advertise their product and services. Similar to Facebook, Instagram’s business profiles also allow users to get in touch with the business by emailing, calling or sending text messages. A prominent CTA button is also included. Business profiles also give the facility to their owners of getting access to analytics such as the number of impressions and information pertaining to customer engagement. Undoubtedly the best way marketers can tweak their offerings is by getting to know the preferences of their customers.

Promote Instagram Posts across Other Social Media

One of the best ways of adding to the number of your Instagram followers is to promote your Instagram posts across all the other popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The more the number of people that get exposed to your posts the more they will be inclined to follow you on Instagram, especially if you actively encourage them to do so. Because these people are already following you on some social media or the other, it can be taken for granted that they are already interested in your brand and products. They will usually love to access and connect to your brand in another way.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that since people are already following you on one social media platform it is good enough. People have different social media habits and much of it is dynamic in nature so getting them engaged on Instagram is a smart idea to lock them in further.

Don’t Overpower Your Audience

While it is a very good idea to post regularly so that the interest in your brand remains alive, more is not necessarily good as may be assumed by many marketers. If you post too many times during the day your target audience may feel overwhelmed or even be tempted to ignore your successive posts. Because marketers also will not be able to maintain their quality of posts if they are posting very frequently it will also encourage your audience to unfollow you. There is no universal formula applicable for a posting frequency that gets the maximum Instagram likes.  Most top brands prefer to engage their customers once a day, however, if you are a younger and smaller brand, you can be forgiven for upping it to twice a day. Anything more than that is going to spell trouble.

It is more crucial to find out the best time for you to post because not all users are active all the time. The better times are in the morning before the rush hour and late in the evening when followers are relaxing at home. However, you need to conduct a fair amount of experimentation before settling down to any particular pattern.

Make It a Point to Interact With Your Followers

The entire point of posting on Instagram is to engage customers with your brand. Therefore, when you do manage to get a like or a comment from one of your followers, you should make it a point to respond appropriately and also thank them for their interest. This simple action can make the followers appreciate you more and they will reward you with increased loyalty. Another way of interacting with your audience is to encourage them to tag their own followers who might be interested in your brand or conducting contests of various kinds to keep their level of engagement high.

Create a Hashtag That Is Interactive

A great way of creating user engagement is through interactive hashtags; however, you need to make sure that they are being used correctly. You can create a hashtag that you can suggest your customers to use when posting pictures with your products. You can then search for these photos and share them on your company business profile. Your customers will readily agree to do this since they know that by doing this they can get a chance of being featured on the company’s Instagram account and achieve a certain degree of stardom. Another real benefit accruing to you is that every time your followers use yourhashtag they end up promoting your brand to their followers for free.


The way to enhance your brand presence on Instagram is by taking a series of small but effective steps to post content that is interesting and then proceeding to engage your audience effectively. It is very important for your brand to interact with your followers in a way that makes customers feel happy and important so that they end up not only by being loyal to your company but also acting as brand ambassadors to their followers.


Author bio: Evans walsh is the head of digital marketing for a leading apparel brand. He has successfully increased his company’s brand presence on various social media platforms and his posts get a remarkable customer response as evidenced by the number of Instagram likes.

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